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Nutrifield® Crystalic® is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants. It will give you dramatically improved fruit and vegetable flavours, intensified floral fragrance, increased essential oil production, and will stimulate the plants immune system. Nutrifield® Crystalic® is a combination of micronutrients, amino acids, and fulvic acid, and molasses that induces exceptional secondary metabolite production in plants.

Available in

  • Size: 1000L 1000L
  • Size: 200L 200L
  • Size: 20L 20L
  • Size: 5L 5L
  • Size: 1L 1L
  • Size: 500ml 500ml
  • Size: 250ml 250ml
Application Rates Rec E.C. ml/10L ml/gal
Bloom 25 9
Late Bloom / Ripening 25 9
Nutrifield® Crystalic® is a bio-stimulant which promotes secondary metabolite production that aids in the synthesis of terpenoids and polyphenolic compounds, contributing to increased levels of essential oils in the trichomes of flowering plants. Trichomes are tiny hair-like structures on the surface of the plant where essential oils, including terpenes, are stored. The trichomes reflect light causing them to appear crystalline, and much of your crops flavour and aroma are stored within them. Applying Nutrifield® Crystalic® to your feed regimen helps produce vigorous, fragrant, and sweeter fruits and flowers.
Plant flavour and aroma come from essential oils which are comprised of secondary metabolites. Therefore, increased production of essential oils is associated with improved crop quality. Additionally, essential oils function in nature as a plant defence mechanism providing resistance to pests and disease. By providing the components necessary for the production of essential oils, plants develop stronger flavour and aroma profiles, and an established immune system.