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Veg Ignitor®

Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® will induce rapid vegetative plant growth. The natural growth stimulants, nutrients, and amino acids contained within Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® present optimal resources for your plants. Thereby, Veg Ignitor® facilitates rapid shoot establishment and robust vegetative growth. Your plants will be stronger, capable of bearing more weight, and have substantial lateral branching.

Available in

  • Size: 1000L 1000L
  • Size: 200L 200L
  • Size: 20L 20L
  • Size: 5L 5L
  • Size: 1L 1L
  • Size: 500ml 500ml
  • Size: 250ml 250ml
Application Rates Rec E.C. ml/10L ml/gal
Cuttings / Seedings 1 0.4
Transplants 1 0.4
Vegetative Growth 2 - 5 0.8 - 2
Pre-Bloom 10 4
Foliar 30 11
Soil 20 8
Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® has a unique blend of concentrated natural growth stimulants and amino acids that promote enhanced shoot growth and vegetative growth. Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® effectively jump-starts your growing season, saving you both time and money in every cycle.
Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® allows your plants to grow to their full potential by promoting the development of a larger fruit bearing structure with substantial lateral branching. Rapid vegetative growth, and wider stomata openings aid photosynthesis and food production, reducing overall cycle times.